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Open Source Consulting

We Take Our Consulting Beyond the Cloud

Combining decades of open source experience with lessons learned designing, engineering, and deploying our own public/private cloud environment, our AMDS Cosmos Cloud engineers are uniquely positioned to assist our customers in leveraging a number of open source technologies to build highly scalable solutions for a multitude of business needs.

Whether you need complete end-to-end design for a new open-source solution, or are looking for assistance with a pre-existing project, our Subject Matter Experts can provide you with all the help and hand on support that you need. 

Our Process

AMDS Cosmos Consulting prides itself on its collaborative approach to open source consulting. When choosing an open source software consultant, it’s important to fully understand the implications of their proposed solutions – ensuring you are comfortable with ongoing management of the solutions post-deployment as needed. AMDS follows a simple, 5 step methodology in any of our consulting interactions, focusing on customer input and solutions verification.

  • Identifying the problem. Developing a scope of work.
  • Proposing infrastructure options. Leverage customers existing experience where possible.
  • Designing the solution with full software lists and roadmaps.
  • Implementation.
  • Ongoing solutions management.

Unlike many closed source products, open source software solutions avoid most vendor lock-in pitfalls. Through extensive documentation of the existing environment, thorough implementation guidelines, and by following best-practices for patch management, AMDS Cosmos engineers can ensure that your open source product is continuously available. Cosmos Cloud open-source consulting focuses on several key areas of the full Linux stack, from project planning to critical/disaster support, our team is here to help you.

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Open Source storage solutions have advanced astronomically in the last few years. What used to be a series of unstable or unusable software packages have morphed into highly scalable, performant storage engines deployed by the likes of Google, Facebook, Amazon, and more. Ceph, GlusterFS, and FreeNAS are just a few of the storage platforms Comsos Consulting can support. 


Almost 65% of web servers today utilize a Unix or Unix-like operating system. Linux can be used to run a wide variety of applications, and it’s lack of a recurring license fee along with an array of available open source software to leverage make it appealing to a number of businesses looking to build new applications. Cosmos Consulting engineers can help you design a Linux solution that best fits your needs. 


For decades, business has been built around either IBM or Windows servers. When it comes to open source, established architectures for systems that previously were closed source are turned on their head. Load profiles for web services, database transaction processing, and leveraging open source in the cloud are all major undertakings. Cosmos Consulting engineers can help architect your open source solutions from the ground up. 


This isn’t just Group Policy Objects for Linux any more. A number of open source devops tools exist today to help organizations better manage their Linux environments. RedHat offers Satellite server, Puppet and Chef exist in a more agnostic way, and Docker and Kubernetes have brought development containerization mainstream. Let Cosmos Cloud consulting ensure you’re leveraging the right product for your environment. 


Cloud-based networking products such as Netgate’s TNSR, pfSense, FRRouting (FRR), and Open vSwitch leverage open source to deliver routing, switching, and security products for the cloud and the enterprise. Leverage the Cosmos Cloud consulting team’s extensive networking expertise to build an open source networking solution for your application or business process today. 


Maintaining secure open source systems is a key aspect of successfully deploying any new project. Ensuring only the necessary applications are responding, locking down remote access, and mitigating both server-side and application layer security vulnerabilities takes a unique understanding of both the project and the underlying systems. Cosmos Cloud consultants can help you every step of the way. 

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