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IT Infrastructure Consulting

Accomplish more with your existing IT environment, or maximize your budget by creating a better, faster and more reliable new environment. Whether it be onsite or in the cloud our consulting team will work with you to achieve your short and long term goals. 

IT infrastructure is one the most critical elements to any business, but it is also one of the elements most often overlooked. As a result, it can be difficult for organizations to develop quality IT strategies that deliver the performance, stability and functionality needed. We believe that IT consulting begins with truly understanding the needs of your business. Therefore,  our consultants work from the bottom up to maximize the benefit of your investment, saving you time, money and long term frustration.  

Business Collaboration

Our consultants work with your organization to remedy, refine, or refresh existing physical architecture and equipment. Above all, we work to ensure ongoing stability, reliability, and optimized performance.

Physical to Virtual Migration

Providing full end-to-end infrastructure design and implementation support to assist organizations who are looking to move from physical on premise environments to virtualized or cloud environments.

Data Center Efficiency

Continuous management of your hosted infrastructure, whether you're using Azure, AWS or Cosmos Cloud hosted server environments. Reduce your costs and increase overall productivity.

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Business Consulting

Our team works with your organization to understand your unique needs, developing a long term cloud-focused technology strategy.

Infrastructure Consulting

Our experienced infrastructure, Windows, Linux and Open Source consultants assist you with a variety of technology service needs.

Portability and Access

The Cosmos Cloud gives your employees the portability and remote access needed to compete at the speed of business.

Infinite Scalability

Cosmos is designed to be scalable, giving customers the ability to modify any of the utilized resources on demand and in real-time.

24/7 Managed Support

Our highly experienced team of IT professionals team provides monitoring and technical support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Technology Integration

Cosmos engineers are adept at ensuring your new cloud infrastructure integrates with existing business workflows and processes.

Popular Cloud Server Packages



/per month

CPU Cores: 2
Storage: 40 GB
Bandwidth: 5 TB
Migration Consulting
Use Our Self-Provisioning Tools



/per month

CPU Cores: 6
RAM: 16 GB
Storage: 250 GB
Bandwidth: 10 TB
Migration Consulting
Use Our Self-Provisioning Tools
*Includes Platinum Support



/per month

CPU Cores: 4
Storage: 100 GB
Bandwidth: 10 TB
Migration Consulting
Use Our Self-Provisioning Tools
*Includes Gold Support