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What are "Cloud" Servers?

Cloud servers are the building blocks of internet-based hosting environments, providing off-premises hosting for a variety of applications and business processes.

Cloud servers provide endless possibilities for configuring critical business applications, therefore removing the headaches often associated with bringing on physical hardware into a local datacenter or server room. Leverage the availability of geographically disparate datacenter facilities, turn up microservices and applications with a click – and tear them down just as quickly. As a result, your business can operate at scale without the associated facilities and hardware CapEx investments typically require. With Cosmos Cloud, customers benefit from a unique blend of technical expertise, the latest hardware and software, and individualized environments built explicitly for the customer.

The Cosmos Cloud leverages industry standard HPE hardware, Cisco switching, and several open source products such as KVM, QEMU, Ceph, RBD, Open vSwitch, FRRouting, and many others. As a result we  deliver a scalable, reliable, and secure hosting platform for our customers.  Our platform is eminently modular, allowing Cosmos to constantly evolve – adding new cloud services such as Cosmos Cloud DNS, Cosmos Cloud Storage, and Cosmos Cloud Load Balancing.  Each new product is built on the same foundational platform as our reliable Cosmos Cloud Servers, therefore ensuring that the reliability you’ve come to expect from Cosmos translates well to your organizations other cloud initiatives.  

Migrating your business to the Cosmos Cloud doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, our engineers will work with you to design, build, and maintain even the most complex environments. Cosmos engineers have combined decades of technology experience with a focus on customer service, therefore we deliver collaborative cloud solutions to our partners across the country. Start your migration to the cloud with the right partner. Contact us today.

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Don’t just choose a hosting company, choose a strategic business partner. Leverage our extensive array of cloud products and services to quickly onramp your organization into the cloud.

Cloud Servers

Utilize our global IP network, and our significant investment in an agile cloud platform to deliver your existing business platform or applications today. Most importantly, Cosmos Cloud Servers are fully compatible with all Windows and Linux operating systems and therefore support a wide variety of off-the-shelf and custom applications. Get started with a cloud server today.

Cloud Storage

Cosmos Cloud Storage implements the same access technology as the prevalent AWS S3 storage engine. As a result, you can take advantage of a screaming fast, multi-zone block level storage offering where availability and reliability questions are left to Cosmos. Focus on deploying your application without the headaches involved with administering HTTP storage access.

Cloud Websites

Cosmos Cloud Websites provides end users with a fully redundant, scalable web application ecosystem. Deploy code, specify your database and other settings, and launch. Cosmos engineers deal with scaling, monitoring, security, and software updates. Take the hassle and expense of ongoing systems management out of your deployment lifecycle.

Cloud DNS

Cosmos Cloud DNS is built on the same hyper scalable DNS infrastructure used to power some of the world’s most heavily utilized core DNS servers. Cosmos Cloud DNS offers unique DNS features, such as an Anycast network of servers, load balancing, GeoDNS, failover, and more.

Cloud Load Balancing

Cosmos Cloud Load Balancing offers our customers the ability to scale their applications at the click of a mouse. HAProxy-powered cloud load balancing is session aware, DDoS mitigated, and infinitely scalable to match the most grueling demands of today’s web applications.

Popular Cloud Server Packages



/per month

CPU Cores: 2
Storage: 40 GB
Bandwidth: 5 TB
Migration Consulting
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/per month

CPU Cores: 6
RAM: 16 GB
Storage: 250 GB
Bandwidth: 10 TB
Migration Consulting
Use Our Self-Provisioning Tools
*Includes Platinum Support



/per month

CPU Cores: 4
Storage: 100 GB
Bandwidth: 10 TB
Migration Consulting
Use Our Self-Provisioning Tools
*Includes Gold Support