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Why is The Cosmos Cloud Special?

Talent Technology Teamwork

The Cosmos Cloud is Powered by Top-Level IT Talent from AM Data Service and Utilizes Cutting-Edge Technology Systems. It is our Commitment to Exceed Customer Expectations.  Want to Know More About Us?

The Cosmos Cloud is the latest and most advanced cloud offering from AM Data Service, Inc.  The Cosmos Cloud provides an encompassing suite of general and specialty services not typically found within one business. In addition to providing robust public cloud offerings, AM Data Service also provides a variety of consulting, support and development services.   

Most noteworthy, our Managed Services division is supported by seasoned industry experts with over a decade of experience providing completely outsourced IT support to businesses of all sizes in every market vertical. As a result, our industry knowledge and partner relationships are comprehensive and allow us to maximize your IT budget.

Next, our ECM Consulting and OnBase Development division is able to provide deep insight into the management and visibility of business documentation. Utilizing our talented developer resources and their keen insight into business processes, the ECM Consulting and OnBase Development team is able to produce transformative solutions and custom workflow automation . 

Finally, our Open-Source Storage and Infrastructure Consulting  team has had over a decade of experience working to architect and deploy some of the most robust and complicated network environments. Whether its helping with an existing environment, or working with your organization to design a solution from the ground up we have the training, the experience and most noteworthy, we have the track-record to exceed your expectations.
our Leadership Team
Developers, Designers and Dreamers: Because, That’s Who We Are!

Rich Miller

Founder & CEO
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Ian McCain

Chief Operating Officer
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Krystian Lagowski

ECM Services Director
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Lee Clements

Cloud Services Director

Eric Gethicker

Managed Services Director
Dynamic Hands-On Training

The development of skills requires consistent hands-on exposure, accordingly we provide ongoing opporunities to learn in real-world environments.

Commitment to Consultation

We understand your unique business needs and priorities. Above all, we strive to provide customers with the quality service your organization deserves.

Complementary Skills

Our teams work together and leverage the knowledge, experience, and skills of one another, as a result we provide more comprehensive service options.