Take Your Business

Beyond The Cloud



Flexible, dynamic and designed to grow with your organization. Dynamic resource allocation allows you to infinitely scale cloud applications and effectively manage your hosting environment.



Our experienced infrastructure consulting team can help scope, design, build and manage even the most complex systems architectures.  Let our team assist you as you build, grow and scale.



All-inclusive Managed Services designed with simplicity in mind. Fixed-rate managed services makes our team of experts your IT department, handling all the management, monitoring and support.

Why Cosmos?

The Cosmos Cloud is more than just another public cloud, it is the latest and most advanced cloud offering from AM Data Service, Inc. Our experienced team of cloud engineers and infrastructure professionals have designed our public cloud environment from the ground up with three principal goals in mind: Security, Stability, and Scalability. Seeing other cloud hosting offerings in the marketplace skimp on features and rapidly increase pricing, AM Data Service set out to provide a different experience with The Cosmos Cloud.

For organizations without existing cloud environments, The Cosmos Cloud provides a complete A to Z migration path, and all the support needed to take your business into the cloud.  Our cloud migration engineers work with your team to uncover the right way to move your on premise hardware into a cloud environment designed to take over critical business workloads.  The Cosmos Cloud can take over virtually any on-site workload, running your application in a performant, scalable and robust technology environment.

Cosmos Cloud also tailors to organizations that have existing cloud environments that are suffering from performance degradation, or simply need a more consistent cost structure and solutions management.  Cosmos engineers will work to fully understand your existing cloud deployment, spec out and design a replacement solution taking advantage of any available redundancies already designed into the Cosmos Public cloud.  Cosmos Cloud migration engineers can assist in migrations from AWS, Azure, and GCP, as well as other third party cloud providers.

More Questions? Speak with a consultant Today

Business Consulting

Our team works with your organization to understand your unique needs, developing a long term cloud-focused technology strategy.

Infrastructure Consulting

Our experienced infrastructure, Windows, Linux and Open Source consultants assist you with a variety of technology service needs.

Portability and Access

The Cosmos Cloud gives your employees the portability and remote access needed to compete at the speed of business.

Infinite Scalability

Cosmos is designed to be scalable, giving customers the ability to modify any of the utilized resources on demand and in real-time.

24/7 Managed Support

Our highly experienced team of IT professionals team provides monitoring and technical support 24 hours a day, 365 days a week.

Technology Integration

Cosmos engineers are adept at ensuring your new cloud infrastructure integrates with existing business workflows and processes.

Our Most Popular Cloud Server Packages



/per month

CPU Cores: 2
Storage: 40 GB
Bandwidth: 5 TB
Migration Consulting
Use Our Self-Provisioning Tools



/per month

CPU Cores: 6
RAM: 16 GB
Storage: 250 GB
Bandwidth: 10 TB
Migration Consulting
Use Our Self-Provisioning Tools
*Includes Platinum Support



/per month

CPU Cores: 4
Storage: 100 GB
Bandwidth: 10 TB
Migration Consulting
Use Our Self-Provisioning Tools
*Includes Gold Support